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Reasons why Full Body Check up is important for your body


Reasons why Full Body Check up is important for your body

Reasons why Full Body Check up is important for your body

We live in a highly toxic world where the lifespan is reducing and the number of diseases are increasing. Majority of us feel that we don’t need health checkups and it is waste of money. However, if we think vigilantly, these comprehensive health checkup packages have always proved to be the smartest move to save on some expensive treatment that might be required in case of an undiagnosed disease in future. 

Full body check up is a complete health checkup or diagnostic scan of the entire body including heart, liver, kidney, lung to assess the current health status and to know if there are any apparent warning signs for any abnormalities lying inside the body. Health checkup can ring the bell early, if there are any symptoms of fatal diseases like cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Both men and women should go for these checkups quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

These health checkups hold quite significance owing to following reasons like – 

  1. Eliminates further growth of disease – As the phrase suggests, “Prevention is better than cure”. It is a wise decision to detect the disease or risk factor of disease at the starting stage. In critical diseases like cancer, early diagnosis can be the gap between a cure and a long-drawn battle. As cancer is such a disease if detected at later stage is hard to cure. It is stated that if the cancer is detected at stage 1 the recovery rate is 100% while detecting at later stages might impact the survival of being. 

  2. Lowers the health care cost – Preventive health checkup has become a requirement and not a choice. These regular check-ups make sure that you secure money in the long run. Regular health checkups mitigate the risk of potential health ailments that can turn out to be dangerous. It can also, in certain cases, help in reducing the risks of undergoing surgery and incurring serious medical expenditure.

  3. Diagnoses stress related diseases - In an extremely fast-moving world with hectic work schedules and lifestyles it is likely that human body spark off a variety of diseases that are brought on by stress. Increase in stress and anxiety have been found to be directly related to a number of different diseases that are both physical as well as psychological. These include hypertension, high blood pressure, weight gain, mental disorders, depression, asthma, and even gastrointestinal problems. Regular medical checkups make sure that it is easier to diagnose and detect these problems at an early stage even before they turn too severe.

  4. Better lifestyle – A regular health checkup provides a chance to see which habits are required to be changed and this lowers the risk for any illness. This also verifies that all is well with the body and reduces the fear or worry. At the same time provide assurance that body is healthy. Following doctor’s preventive advice and prescriptions along with taking suitable remedies increases the lifespan as well.

  5. Detecting Genetic Diseases – Sometimes diseases can be passed down from one generation to another through defective genes. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer are common hereditary diseases. Regular medical checkups helps in diagnosing a disease before it advances to greater proportions. These screenings detect the disease at the onset making it easier to cure them.

A healthy mind and body are something that we often take for granted. All it takes is a little bit of attention on our part and good health is not that far from what one imagines.

We at Dr Lalchandani Labs provide regular medical checkups backed by advanced laboratory and technologies. We have a team of highly qualifies technicians that are committed to deliver trusted health Reports always. 

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