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Let’s be honest. Despite being vital for a fully productive life, many of us ignore our health and take no action until confronted with a medical crisis. Undermining the need for a routine health check is a big no-no! We can pay a huge price for such a complacent attitude. Health needs to be monitored regularly to detect a problem early on before it takes a turn for the worse. In fact, preventable diseases can be averted and even managed effectively with timely diagnosis and suitable intervention. That’s where the health check-ups of Dr. Lalchandani Pathology Laboratories come in. The customized packages offered by the lab include comprehensive tests designed for a thorough health assessment to keep you fit and in good physical shape.

Different Types of Health Checkup Packages:

Types of Health Checkup Packages
The NABL accredited lab offers a range of check-up programs that cater to both specific illnesses as well as preventive care. The diagnostic tests are segregated on the basis of age, lifestyle disorders, deficiencies and more. Listed below are 12 packages for different healthcare requirements.

  • Basic Blood Profile
  • Complete Body Profile
  • Advanced Senior Male Package
  • Senior Male Package
  • Female Hormone Profile
  • Diabetes Control Panel
  • Advanced Diabetes Control Package
  • Platinum Health Check
  • Gold Health Check
  • Extended Gold Health Check
  • Female Wellness Profile
  • Add ONS

Tests Included in the Health Packages:

1. Basic Blood Profile:

The standard test looks at the complete blood count (CBC), screens for thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), sugar fasting for diabetes, urea & creatinine in the blood for kidney function,  bilirubin + SGPT for markers of liver disease and lipid cholesterol for heart health.

2. Complete Body Profile:

This is thorough check-up of all body systems. The test includes investigations for CBC, tracking of type-2 diabetes with the fasting glucose test, lipid profile for cardiovascular irregularities, T3, T4 & TSH tests for thyroid problems, electrolyte screening for sodium and potassium. Other components of this package are tests for kidney and liver functions.  

3. Advanced Senior Male Package:

This package designed specifically for elderly men includes tests for key factors like CBC, lipid profile, thyroid, liver & kidney functioning, blood glucose fasting. In addition, it covers the PSA blood test to screen for prostate cancer. 

4. Senior Male Package:

The program is crafted for the assessment of health complications in aged males. It comprises tests of CBC, liver and kidney functions, fasting blood glucose for diabetes, lipid profile for cardiac risk, routine thyroid screening, and PSA Total.

5. Female Hormone Profile:

The female hormone profile test includes CBC, Sugar-Fasting & Hba1c, thyroid function, iron deficiency and kidney function. The package also offers the test for checking levels of FSH, LH, and Prolactin.

6. Diabetes Control Panel:

The package is designed primarily to monitor diabetes. The selection of tests includes CBC, investigations for kidney and liver function, urine screening and diabetes check with fasting blood glucose and HBA1C. The latter is a good indicator of glycemic control as it provides the average blood sugar levels for over 2 months.

7. Advanced Diabetes Control Package:

As the name suggests this is a wide ranging package for screening diabetes. It covers tests like CBC, post-prandial blood sugar, HbA1C, lipid profile, complete urine profile, kidney, thyroid appraisal and SGOT, SGPT for complete liver functions.

8. Platinum Health Check:

This is tailor made package for the entire body for both men and women of any age group. It encompasses tests like CBC, kidney and liver function, cardiology, lipid profile, HBA1C, blood sugar (fasting & post prandial) thyroid profile, bone strength, anaemia check, USG (whole abdomen) and x-ray chest.

9. Gold Health Check:

This is another quality health care package. The test covers CBC, lipid heart profile, liver & kidney function, HBA1C, blood sugar, thyroid profile, bone strength and anaemia check.

10. Extended Gold Health Check:

The program includes tests on CBC, lipid heart profile, HBA1C, blood sugar (fasting & post prandial) thyroid profile, liver & kidney function, bone strength, anaemia check, PSA, and CRP exam for inflammation.

11. Female Wellness Profile:

The health check, especially for women, comprises detailed exams on CBC, female hormones, thyroid & kidney functions, diabetes, iron study and bone strength.

12. Add ONS:

This package contains tests on CBS, kidney & liver workings, lipid profile, thyroid, diabetes, PSA, anaemia, bone strength and inflammation.

Comparison Between Health checkup Packages 

Comparison between health check-up packages 2

Basic Blood Profile and Complete Body Profile

The former includes a set of routine Elementary tests that give a general overview of your health status. The complete body profile, on the other hand, is an elaborate package designed to cover a huge spectrum of diseases including some specific investigations.

Senior Male Package & Advanced Senior Male Package

The CBC and diabetes test for both packages are same. The thyroid check in the Senior Male program includes only TSH while the advanced package examines T3, T4 as well. Similarly, the tests for the liver, kidney, heart, and prostate test in the advanced package are all inclusive and extremely detailed.

Diabetes Control Panel & Advanced Diabetes Control Panel:

The parameters and tests covered in both categories are the same with just one exception. The advanced package includes thyroid check with TSH, T3, and T4.

Platinum Health Check & Gold Health Check:

Both the packages encompass similar tests that offer an in-depth diagnosis of all the vital organs of the body. The platinum program, however, includes cardiology and the ultra sound of the whole abdomen.

Benefits of Health Checkup Packages

Benifits of Health Checkup

The need for regular health checks cannot be stressed enough even if you are hale and hearty as they can help determine your susceptibility to any disorder. Some diseases exhibit no warning signs until they exacerbate and become difficult to treat. The series of clinical tests in preventive health packages help spot maladies in the early stages, such that remedial action can be taken promptly. This helps avert serious repercussions down the line. Apart from spotting underlying ailments, the overall physical exam gives an accurate picture of your health status. Armed with vital knowledge you can incorporate dietary changes and inculcate other lifestyle adjustments to improve the quality of life.  

The Cost of Health Checkup Packages:

Some people argue that health screening is a tad expensive. This notion is absolutely misplaced. Basic health check-ups that aim at evaluating the functioning of the vital organs is affordable and within the range of Rs.1200 to Rs.1500. Packages that include specific tests like PSA for men and some extensive gynaecological examinations in women generally cost around Rs.2000 to Rs.3000. However, it’s important to note that by investing in these packages you can save on expensive treatments and surgical procedures that are essential if a medical condition is diagnosed in an advanced stage.

Tips on Getting Right Health Checkup Packages:

There is no disputing the fact that regular monitoring of health enhances your chances of enjoying a long and healthier life. Having said that, it’s equally important to select the right package.  

Tips on getting right health check-up packages

  • Take into account factors like age, gender, general health, lifestyle, existing disorder, family medical history and other risks to choose a check-up program that is ideal for you.
  • Ensure that the tests are conducted in a recognisedlaboratory equipped with a sophisticated infrastructure and the latest diagnostic tools.
  • It is imperative that the tests are carried out by highly proficient lab technicians and the results examined and interpreted by specialists.

What say, are you ready to take charge of your health?  Just browse through the website of Dr. Lalchandani Labs, a trusted provider with an array of preventive health packages at unbeatable prices. Select a program that best suits your needs to embark on a healthier lifestyle by staying one step ahead of any potential illness!