Digital X Ray

Dr Lalchandani Labs has a reputed name in offering services related to Digital x ray in South Delhi. The medical team and staff working in-house understand that different body parts behave differently with X-rays, thus they have great grip on performing the tasks of Digital Radiography and Digital x-ray with great perfection.

The affordable digital x-ray in South Delhi is beneficial to scan and detect problems in different body parts. Our highly demanded digital x-ray Dr Lalchandani Labs is known to be well-maintained and equipped with latest medical equipment to perform required X-rays. We also endeavor to keep our facility updated with latest equipment and devices to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Our digital x-ray lab saves the patients from all possible dangers which are believed to be associated with this medical procedure. The X-rays involves radiation which often imposes a theoretical risk, and we keep none of these in practice. Also, for women who are expecting, X-rays process is cautiously performed only after evaluating the possible risks. The detailed know-how and patient care attitude makes us the best digital x-ray lab in South Delhi.

Apart from the above mentioned, we use artificial dyes to improve the ability to spot internal structures. The common types of dyes used by us in these X-rays are barium containing (barium sulphate) and iodine dyes. Where Barium sulphate is mostly used in barium examinations that involve taking a detailed study and deeper insight in the stomach and intestines, the iodine dyes are injected in the veins during angiography or to assess the problems in kidneys.