Color Doppler Test


Dr. Lalchandani Labs is well-equipped to perform Color Doppler Test of body vessels. This is a special ultrasound technique that enables easy evaluation of the blood vessels. Also, it is regarded as an imaging technique which brings together anatomical information that is fetched using ultrasonic pulse-echo techniques. We have a great knack of performing ultrasonic Doppler techniques and generate color-coded maps as grey-scale images of tissue velocity.

Those who look for the best place for Doppler Test in Greater Kailash, our lab is the best place to be. The common technique used in this Ultrasound is to image the blood movement that rushes through the arteries, heart, and veins. Also it is used to image the movement of solid tissues like in the heart walls. This test is highly recommended to evaluate the carotid arteries present in the neck, heart (echocardiography), and abdominal veins and arteries & veins in the upper and lower limbs.

Color Doppler in pregnancy is also conducted by our in-house medical assistants. We provide Color Doppler imaging on almost all commercial ultrasound machines, which has been reviewed as highly effective to assess blood flow in many clinical conditions. Our lab is equipped with an ultrasound machine that has all facilities to keep the Color Doppler test cost at its lowest.

Our qualified Radiologists are well-versed with the process and can perform the examinations of the body vessels. Call us to see how affordable Color Doppler Test can be for you!